Mark and Vinny’s “Marriage Wall”

Mark and Vinny’s Three Marriages (to each other)

We met on June 16, 1993, which is the anniversary date we celebrate (so it is 16+ years and counting), but there are also three more marriages…

(top to bottom right) Our First Wedding Invitation (9/3/1993) with a nice congratulatory note from President Bill and Hillary Clinton; Certificate of Marriage (making it fully legal; our third wedding at Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Provincetown, MA 9/16/2005); Renewal of Vows (we count this as our “Second Wedding”) was officiated by a Catholic priest, Father Cesar Espinoda on 11/13/2003.

(top to bottom left) Mark and Vinny as a wedding cake decoration (made by Mark’s sister, Linda Demichele for our first wedding); Wedding “Ketubah” (a Jewish tradition) with our vows, officiated by Rabbi Charles Lippman and signed under the stewardship by all 125 wedding guests (a Quaker idea); the official blessing of Pope John Paul II on our fifth wedding anniversary.

(top center) The tenth anniversary cover of POZ Magazine (May 2004), by Spencer Tunick, which we’re both part of, and which is the subject of the HBO documentary “Positively Naked”, where we are also prominently featured.

All the frames are made by Mark’s brother, Jeff Price from The Artists’ Market in Norwalk, CT.

For the gallery of over eighty photographs from our wedding

For the gallery of the framed pictures on the wall

{“The Wedding Wall” showing Mark and Vinny’s various marriage documents. With the mirror at the center and going clockwise from the top right: The original wedding invitation from September 3, 1995; (in the same frame) best wishes from President Bill and Hillary Clinton; the marriage certificate from September 15, 2005; the renewal of vows officiated by the hospice Chaplin; the Pope’s blessing; Katuba; Cake Top with Mark as IT Director and Vinny as Hair Stylist; at the top, the Tenth Anniversary issue of POZ (as featured in the HBO Documentary “Positively Naked”)]

The Wedding Wall showing Mark and Vinny’s various marriage documents.