Vinny Allegrini Tested Positive for a Staph “G” Infection in his blood

For those who don’t know, Vinny Allegrini just got out of the hospital on Thursday 9/11 (his birthday). He’s been in Beth Israel three times in three months for various medical issues.

Currently, he has a Staph “G” Infection in his blood (which can be serious and even fatal) and is getting two or three weeks of a heavy-duty IV Antibiotics through a PICC Line.

Every morning at 10 AM, I connect up into Vinny’s new plumbing port and go through the “SASH” Technique (injecting Saline, Antibiotics, Saline, and finally Heparin). Except during that half hour, you wouldn’t know he even has that line.

Vinny does have side effects from the IV Antibiotic Ceftriaxone (the generic form of Rocephin®, which can be nasty stuff.

He is slowly returning to being active, mobile, and cutting hair. He is some times in a wheelchair, somethings a rolling walker and sometimes a walking cane.

— MarkPS: Folks often tell me that they  they don’t see the link to watch our HBO documentary — it’s on the RIGHTs

Yes, Mark and Vinny were featured in a HBO documentary, Positively Naked (progressive family viewing, despite the provocative title). Click this link to watch on YouTube

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