Vinny Allegrini’s Testimony regarding Fedora at Community Board 2

My name is Vinny Allegrini, and my husband and I have lived at 235 West 4th Street for sixteen years. I have also been battling full-blown AIDS and other life-challenging conditions for those sixteen years. I was a Home Hospice patient in this home from December 31, 2001 until March 31, 2006, when my insurance coverage was exhausted and I had not died on schedule. I am still on disability and largely homebound here.

Our apartment is on the second floor facing the block’s shared central courtyard. Our living room is 21 feet from the Fedora’s kitchen roof. The bed in our bedroom, where I spend most of my time, is 17 feet from Fedora’s rear garden.

In addition to comprehensive pain management with multiple daily doses of morphine, I require oxygen, my husband and I need to take this shoebox of AIDS medication and other medications for each week. Again, this is only ONE WEEK worth of our medications.

I am a very sick and frail man. I am frightened by the unintended consequences of Gabriel Stulman’s new plans for Fedora. Simple things like kitchen exhaust fans and restaurant staff taking smoking breaks out the kitchen door until 2 am — or even 4 am – seven days a week pose a very real threat to my ability to stay alive and to stay in my home with my husband and my loving dog Troika. I don’t have the stamina to wait a year or two as we work out the kinks along the way.

I respectfully ask that the Community Board 2 consider these costs when considering allowing these major changes. Thank you.