I passed out, was non-responsive for 6 hours, hospitalized for 4 days

On Thursday 3/13 at 5 PM I passed out and fell in our bedroom on the RIGHT side of my back surgery area and was non-responsive for the next six hours.

Vinny called 911 and I came-to in the ER. I was in Beth Israel Hospital for four days, and got out late last night. Vinny was hospitalized for an overnight too.

They call my event a “Syncope” (pronounced SIN-CO-PEA and being medical-speak for any sort of passing out) and was probably the effect of the pain PLUS getting too dehydrated over a few days (and the toxic effect of the almost 300 prescription pills I take each week), PLUS adding an additional high-blood pressure drug and a “stress event” with our landlord — all this against my too long list of serious medical issues I am dealing with that make me more sensitive.

Many folks have asked if it had anything to do with my fall on 2/25 on my back surgery area with the resulting higher pain meds — we know it did NOT have anything to do with the Fentanyl pain patch or Oxycodone.

I am home resting comfortably, Vinny is doing well, and I have a week full of doctor’s appointments and tests, just to follow-up and rule things out.

I feel VERY loved by so many of our friends who went to such great lengths to take care of me, Vinny, Troika (our dog) while we were in hospital. THANK YOU ALL!