Troika (2004-2016)

2009_Holiday_Card_1Sad news, our dog Troika passed away at 1:30pm this afternoon (Wednesday, June 1, 2016) at home. She was a hurricane Katrina rescue and the three of us made a wonderful family for ten years. She was about 14, which is a long life for a big dog. She had been increasing ill since Vinny Allegrini’s death last March.

Troika had stopped eating and drinking a few days ago and we had a Vet come over to see her. Last night we cuddled in bed, and this afternoon two friends, Greg and Michael came over and she passed away peacefully.

Vet surmised an abdominal mass, which would have been fairly painless for her.

She had a great life! She was the “April 2016” calendar dog for PAWS-NY, the terrific volunteer organization that has made such a big difference to our family over the last two years. They provided volunteers to walk Troika morning and night (and to check in on me).

PAWS-NY would be a wonderful organization to donate a small gift in Troika’s memory