Mark and Vinny’s Marriage Vows

Marriage Vows

Vinny and Mark wrote these vows on a Summer day in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, New York City:

“As we reaffirm this sacred bond of marriage, we renew our wedding vows and pledge to do whatever it takes to celebrate life together, and live to the fullest in the present moment. We will strive to be brave when facing life’s challenges together, and we will laugh and love and hold each other often. We will do whatever we can to help each other to be healthy and grow along our own unique paths. We promise to always be supportive of one another with gentleness and love, and communicate honestly and openly, no matter what. We will create a wonderful home together that can be an oasis filled with serenity, happiness, and our love. And most of all, we will cherish this never-ending love for one another and for our family and our friends.”

(Mark and Vinny signed this in front of 125 of our family and friends and a rabbi on September 3, 1995.)